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What nobody says, nobody asks and no one really discusses is the fact that we are all looking for something and we do not even know what it is. Above all, it is a central issue of the existence of every individual that ever existed on this planet, and to be perfectly clear, that excludes any kind of molecular organisms or animals of any kind and species.
They can all be part of a bigger picture, but what are we here for?
Every molecular structure in the human cell has its purpose, and without the nucleus containing our DNA we would be nothing. This small strand, the deoxyribonucleic acid, contains all the information that makes us the individual we are. This mixture is influenced as differently as the emergence of a snowflake. What is the probability that someone will find two completely identical snowfl…
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Train Girl Shortstory / Modern Dating

Train Girl Shortstory / Modern „Love“ https://www.wikihow.com/Start-a-Conversation-with-Someone-on-the-Train,-Bus-or-Subway
Recently I've been seeing a lot of articles about couples (supposetly) breaking up, musicians who (supposedly) came out or friends of mine with pretty unnecesary realtionship trouble (I'm not saying they made something up but it's just our generation and our society who tinks that way and makes up problems where there shouldn't be any) Some wouldn't have that much trouble if we would respect each other the way we actually are!
1. Train Girl fictional short story 2. Modern Dating 3. Being insecure

Train Girl
It’s tuesday 7:00 am, my train has arrived and as I get on I catch a look from my right side. As I look over the person to my right suddenly turns away and pretends to do something on their phone. Why I know the person isn’t actually busy texting someone? This has been going this way ever since I first saw her but to understand the following story…

The truth ... Gun Violence! (Christina Grimmie tribute / March for Our Lives / Never Again)

An open and honest letter to humanity !

Today is a day I won't forget, never, because a precious angel has her 24th birthday today. Unfortunetly we can't celebrate it with her, but I'm sure she's having a party with all the great people who left this world like she did two years ago. Still to this day I can't understand and process what happend becaus she's been a huge inspiration for me. Her personality gave me so much faith. I don't like the term, that she 'left' us, becaus in every single fan and family menber or friend she's living on and that's excactly what makes her even more special then she already is. She was/is loved by thousands and still to this day her legacy lives on and her hard work will inspire many more people further. She instipred me to be more truthful and faithful and she inspired my music writing and everything surounding that.
12th June 2016 was a sad day,…

I want kids to be educated about ...

Sometimes it's just days like this one, wehere I sit in my bed and do nothing but think. It may sounds crazy to some peope but when you're sitting there, quietly without any interruption you start to see a bigger picture, at least I do. For example when I can't concentrate any longer, I just stopp whatever I'm doing and do nothing, maybe listen so some music and really listen to what the artist is intentionally telling me through those words who glide over those notes. When I find myself lonely I turn to music and even if I find myself happy I turn to music, it's someting that kinda intentianlly leads me to another state of mind. Emotionally I'm being more reachable, and visually I see things more as what they are to me, rather that what they actually look like. Don't get me wrong if I see a fork it doesn't just change it's shape and turnts into something beautiful and glittery or dark and mysterious. I just see trough it and don't think of it a…